Thomas Dorney

Hi, my name is Thomas Dorney I am by trade a builder. I am one of four boys born to a mother who worked in a bank and a father who was a crane drive down the docks, I was a typical east end lad. At the age of 30 I was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes and needed to make drastic lifestyle changes, however this was not done overnight, it took several years and was not easy, but the main thing I noticed was my work it was getting harder and after having a TIA (transient ischaemic attack) a mini-stroke at 42 I knew things had to change. This was when I decided I needed to retrain I wouldn’t be able to spend the rest of my working life as a builder. I had already spent a couple of years training as a Hypnotherapist at Westminster University and City university under Valery Austin but this was done out of interest more than thinking of it as a career change. As with most builders I used to get aches and pains and used to go to Canning Town steam baths on a Friday have a sauna and steam and then after a particularly hard week, my business Partner said why I don’t I have a massage. I was horrified to have a man give me a massage no chance I said, but eventually weakened to the idea and WOW am I glad I did. I would trudge in there on a Friday afternoon and float out in the early evening. Don’t get me wrong it did not cure all my aches and pains but it got rid of a lot and definitely got rid of any stiffness.

This was when I decided what I wanted to do. I went to college got a few A-levels passed my massage exams and walked out of that college thinking I had learned everything about the human body and massage. Looking back now (How wrong I was) although now I have studied to become a sports therapist studying nutrition, rehabilitation, injury diagnosis, and sports massage I know I will never stop studying because things and ideas keep changing the more that is learnt the more things change that  is why you can never stop studying.

So that is where I am at the moment, I have a treatment room in Manningtree, where I work on Thursdays and then I am on call. The vast majority of my work is now with the elderly which I suppose you could say I specialize in. But I still do the odd sportsman and obviously builders.